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KrisYeol’s Part—by 私生大爆料 taken from EXO私生大爆料.

Original text from KT korea site.

1.When Kris’ is in a bad mood,Chanyeol would make exaggerated faces to make him laugh.

2.During trainee days,Kris and Chanyeol are known as the ‘double rappers’

3.Kris likes to pat Chanyeol’s back.

4.Chanyeol would discuss with Kris about mixing chinese and korean raps.

5.Before debut,Chanyeol would eat samgyupsal together with Kris.

6.When they first started activities,Kris would sometimes room with chanyeol.

7.Fansign,Chanyeol and D.O would talk about kris’ schedules.

8.Kris would often be shocked by Chanyeol’s randomness.

9.Kris really like Chanyeol’s character,the two of them get along well.

10.Chanyeol can’t stand Kris acting cool,and would often laugh at him,not giving him face.

11.When they separate for activities,krisyeol would video call each other(K and M have this habit)

12.Chanyeol would often ask Kris what brand of makeup products he uses.

13.Krisyeol would watch movie together.

14.Krisyeol won’t tidy their dorms.

15.SM town backstage,Chanyeol kicked Kris.

Disclaimer by the Chinese translator:She only know basic Korean if there are any translation mistake please forgive her.

English translation by me.Please take out with full credits:)

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